Hi there!
I am Alan Ren. As a college student who majors in Integrated Digital Media, The field that I passionated are various. Since the first year of college, I have studied and tried different types of graphic design and wanted to incorporate them into web development and design. Web pages are the most accessible interactive experience in contemporary life, for no matter games, 3D, and even VR. I think this is the platform where I can best demonstrate both programming skills and design aesthetics. Moreover, in terms of experiences, I have also tried to make several games with Unity in C# and website in JavaScript. It is such a fantastic medium that games can tell the story across time and space.
For the future, I would like to focus on exploring and examining the development and design of interactive technologies. Mainly concentrate on the Web, and discover more possibilities of a single website. I am also very interested in typeface design for both Chinese and English letters. Words play a significant role in our lives. Good fonts can undoubtedly enhance the user experience in the interface.
Resume & Portfolio
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