Like the opinions that people have, in my mind, I can always feel that there are two different, contrary points of view. I call them idea A and idea B. They both come from my various understandings of the environment surrounding me. They are the exact opposite to each other, so that they would never see or understand the thought from the other side.
Phase 1:
These two contradictory neck-and-neck ideas are just similar to two groups of people who hold different opinions. They argue with and dislike each other, and even fight with the other group. However, over time, someone in Group B began to be able to understand why Group A would hold their opinion. Finally, someone leaves Group B and joins Group A. At this moment, the balance between those two groups have been eliminated, and the Group A becomes the majority. Those who remain in Group B, now seeing more and more of their fellows joining Group A, would also start questioning their own legitimacy and judgements, especially when they are outnumbered. More and more people join Group A until there is only one person in Group B. This last person becomes the last minority, and this personal strength could not compete with the power of Group A, which is the majority now. In the end, Group A eliminates Group B. When such process runs its full course in my mind, there is only one idea left in it. I start doubting myself, did I consider all aspects?
Phase 2:
Another person in Group A has the same idea as me and wants to discover the other side of the object. Then, he or she broke away from Group A and became the new Group B. This new leader believes the Group B hold the truth of this object and stop trying to take in the idea of Group A. Some people in Group A also start being convinced by the concept of the new Group B and then transfer from A to B. At the end, the Group B has become the majority just like the previous Group A. They eliminate the last one in Group A.
Phase 3-4:
Things are so cyclical. The thoughts in my head are constantly attacking each other, and they are incredibly chaotic. I question every decision I make and every understanding of things. Group A and Group B continue to join, attack, and obliterate each other......
Phase 5:
Until one day, there are only two people left in Group B. But one of them has different ideas about things, so he chooses to separate from Group B and form Group A alone. At this time, there is only one person left in Group A and Group B. They are still attacking each other, trying to obliterate each other. But in the end, no one succeeds, or they both succeed, and they kill each other.
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